3 Common Lead Generation Mistakes Business Owners Make


To say high-quality leads are the lifeblood of any online business that wants to be viable is to say the obvious. Lead generation is the big deal when it comes to business.

You would realize I said lifeblood because even if your business is offline and you want to sell more, you have to bring it online. In bringing it online, you have to have strategies in place to generate hot leads to sustain your business.

If you don’t trust me, just check the search engines and you will see how popular this topic is. The sad truth to this is that many business owners, I mean many business owners do not prioritize this activity as a key function of their business. And those that did are making some mistakes. If you are part of those making the mistakes, you should correct them after going through this article.

  1. Zero or No Lead Generation Strategy

Here┬áis one of the major mistakes business owners make. This is common among the local business owners. Truth be told, you can’t come online and doing random things and expect to get quality leads. It is not done. Anytime you decide to come and establish your presence online, you must come with strategies that are tested and proven to work.

Even if those strategies are not tested, deploy them, test them yourself and establish the ones that are working. Sitting and folding your arms won’t bring in new leads consistently. That can only help you reduce stress and relax. Businesses with strategies always win over businesses without strategies.

The reality is that a lot of businesses are coming online even your competitors and all of you are fighting for the same sets of leads. So, if you don’t have strategies to get your leads, those leads will surely go to your competitors. The reality is growing a business takes work and effort. Sitting and meditating will not bring you, new clients, consistently. Come up with strategies and fire them up to get in the game.

  1. Not Being Clear On What You Want

At the beginning of your strategy, you have to be clear about what you want. When is a lead a lead and When is a lead not a lead? This should be your starting point.

Ask yourself that question and be clear about the answer. What is a lead to your business might not be a lead to another business. Do not make waste your time and resources on people that are not. Don’t go off tangent trying so hard to acquire leads that are searching for something different entirely.

This will create a big hole in your pocket and at the end of the day, there will no return on investment. To forestall all these, answer the above question properly and logically so as to define the set of people who will buy into what you are selling and in extension increasing the revenue of the business.

Another angle to this is that not all leads are created equal. You have to figure out your ideal clients and start deploying all known strategies to win them over. When you’re clear about all these, then become laser focused and take action. If done properly, in no time, your business will boom.

3.Mono Strategy

Online business could be likened to a war. You have your enemies in form of competitors. Your competitors are both local and international and everybody is fighting for survival. It won’t be wise if all you have to win them is just one strategy.

This could be likened to having one form of weapon in your arsenal to fight your enemy.

Believe me, your competitors will deploy different weapons to combat you, to get their fair share of the pie in form of leads. To get your own fair share of the pie, you will have to deploy different strategies and tactics to come out tops. That is the reality.

Having seven or eight or nine different strategies and then pursuing with all you have got can make a whole lot of difference to your business.

You have to watch out for these mistakes in order to stand a chance against your competitors who are doing everything day and night to run you out of business.

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