A Quick Overview of Popular Video Downloading Apps


Most of us love to watch movies. In the days gone by we were dependant on TV or theatres, but things available in the form of smartphone have made the task relatively easier. Apps in the form of YouTube would enable you to steam the videos and then save it offline. Though this feature would restrict you to this app. Google is not going to provide you with any option in order to download a file and save on to your device. But there are certain third party apps that make the task of downloading and saving the videos and easy task. Here are some popular Android facebook video downloader  apps that can be downloaded and the videos can be saved offline


On the Android platform this is one of the most popular video downloading apps. It is an easy to download app and has a variety of features in the form of pause and resume, multiple downloads, an in built video player and a lot more. With an in built browser in the app you can gain access to the sites that you prefer.


Another popular video downloading app rated high on the Android platform. With a quick interface you can gain access to a lot of sites from the main menu. In this app features are provided where the downloaded videos are saved directly on to the gallery section whereby you can go on to share any videos on the social network platform.


It is a prominent video downloading platform that possesses a lot of user friendly features. You have to stick to Vidmate app download install new version for its effective use. The user interface is organized and has gone on to classify videos on the basis of categories like music, TV shows etc. with the aid of a search option you can check out the videos before you are downloading.


This seems to be an easy to download app where downloading from any device is fast and easy. A special feature in the form of copy pasting the URL to download the video is provided. In addition it allows you to download files in MP3 or MP4 format or be it high quality content.


This is a straight forward app for video downloading. Not only from YouTube you can download videos from a host of social sites. Even it is possible you can download videos in HD format. You can choose the format before you go on to download.

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This ceases to be a straightforward YouTube client. The best part about this app is that you gain access to all the YouTube videos without any ads. With the help of Google API you can use this app and the app can be turned on in the background that is not the case with YouTube. The app ensures the privacy of the users as no data of the user is saved in the background

These are some of the popular video downloading apps on the Android platform.

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