HostingRaja’s Hosting Genuine Review


Hosting Raja may be a managed Word Press server and among the foremost fashionable hosting selections for enterprises and sites that use Word Press. Managed Word Press hosting may be a sub-niche within the business. It provides a hosting setting optimized for Word Press and handles explicit security and maintenance protocols for you and can continue high of any Word Press core.

These protocols embrace Word Press updates, protection, caching, and more. this can be a small amount of a peek to what Hosting Raja offers, however let’s get into specifics.

Hosting Raja may be a handled Word Press host, as mentioned antecedently. It provides climbable cloud an automatic caching system named Ever Cache and servers optimized for Word Press hosting in India. It’s employed by over sixty,000 businesses in India.

Hosting Raja Plans

WP Engine may be a premium “handled Word Press hosting” company that gives premium rates. it’s 5 plans incomplete with costs beginning at 150INR/month, that is quite your typical host charges that square measure shared, although you’ll be able to get a reduction off these costs by contacting them or visiting their web site.

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It provides 2 server sorts, however they need cloud infrastructures. Although it isn’t your shared hosting setting, the primary may be a non-public server that uses a shared hosting setting. Your web site still exists on a similar server as different sites, as {they do they square measure doing} in shared hosting environments that are traditional however they don’t share resources.

 Support Services

Hosting Raja offers many tiers of service, however they’re all on the market twenty four hours each day, seven days every week, and 12 months per annum. Live support is accessible for all programs. Phone support is accessible within the skilled set up, and higher, and price tag support is earmarked for Enterprise accounts. However, just in case you have got a lower set up and support isn’t able to solve the difficulty you’re having via phone or chat, they’ll produce a price tag for you.

User Portal

Hosting Raja’s customers get access to their user portal, from here you’ll be able to manage all aspects of your account, your Word Press installs, you’ll be able to read traveler stats for your sites, check the page performance, add users and manage your account.

Hosting Raja’s Speed Tests

Of course, with any hosting company, having a fast-loading website is crucial today — analysis has found that “a 1-minute delay in page reaction may end in a seven-member reduction in conversions.” And a lot of significantly “40% of individuals abandon a website that takes quite three seconds to load” supply.

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Hosting Raja does not simply supply low cost internet hosting in India however additionally delivers enterprise-grade hosting solutions to businesses and people worldwide with high speed. Their sensible engineers work 24×7 to hurry Solve your requests, mitigate risks, and enhance the Hosting Raja’s hosting platform to deliver over ninety nine.9 nada period for you.

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