How AI Programs are Transforming Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing has existed for a while now in the digital marketing space and it continues to grow and expand each day. Brands and big corporations are using influencers as the face of their products and services as they gain better reach and more engagement and customers than any other traditional media outlet.

According to MediaKix,influencer marketing is growing rapidly and is expected to reach an all-time high by the end of 2020. Word of mouth travels fast and people who follow these influencers trust their judgment and will try brands and products that they market.

AI is gaining traction in many business sectors and is widely used by influencers, right from content analysis to marketing and many other needs.

Here are a couple of ways how AI is changing influencer marketing.

  • Image recognition

Image recognition is the ability of a software to recognize objects, faces, people, writing, and action in images that saves a lot of time and effort as it works and sorts through it quicker than a person. Artificial intelligence uses a camera and vision technology to achieve this action, it can analyze millions of images and videos online in just a matter of seconds, whether the images contain a logo or even facial expressions. This is a huge help to a digital marketing team after an event as they don’t have to sit and sort through each one and tag each face. Influencers also use this software to tag people. At times they have around a million followers so having this technology saves a lot of time.

  • Determining performance

Performance is calculated by the reach and engagement every influencer’s post has. Looking at this gives an understanding of how well an influencer fits with the brand. This software helps decipher everything right from the engagement level of each post, to the number of conversions, leads, and insights each influencer drives. This helps in saving you the trouble and resources from looking into each factor and besides, it’s much more accurate.

  • Understanding experiences

AI software doesn’t only evaluate an influencer’s performance, it studies the influencer’s feed and post and accordingly gives suggestions based on customer reviews, experiences, and if the engagement and reach have decreased and adjusts this accordingly.

  • Elimination of spam and fake engagement

Artificial intelligence is also being used to weed out any fake accounts, toxic engagements, and determine which followers and likes are real. This helps influencers know if their followers are actually interested in their products and which ones are not. AI also helps brands to flag down posts that go against their deadlines and calculate influencer charges for a campaign.

Final Thoughts

AlI online training programs have worked their way into digital marketing and influencer marketing. It offers a better and more scientific approach to unlocking the true worth of marketing while making it easy for marketers. Influencers are now able to grow and expand their brand as well as get an accurate and transparent framework for the ROI they have been working for. AI is the future of influencer marketing as well as many other types of advertising and is growing and expanding every day, the approach it provides has helped create and develop several efficient campaigns, engagement, budget, followers, and traction for companies. AI is fairly easy to use nowadays and everyone, from small to big brands, is using it.

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