How can a banking app help you invest in mutual funds?


A day without a mobile phone is unimaginable in this technologically advanced era. This all-in-one device helps us with several applications to perform various activities like listening to music, shopping, paying bills, and banking. These apps have simplified our lives by helping us carry out most financial transactions from the comforts of our home. The revolutionary banking app with its advanced features helps us manage our money through effective investment options.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers you a featured mobile banking app that helps you invest in mutual fundsand maximize your income. You can explore various investment options through one of the best Mutual Fund Investment Apps and choose the most suitable one to invest your money. The app offers easy accessibility to different categories of mutual funds like multi-cap, large-cap, mid-cap and debt from anywhere and at any time.

With thesedistinctive  Mutual Fund Apps, you can plan financial goals, track and browse through various mutual funds, check your Demat account and make investments to earn more.

  What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual Fundinvestments are the money pooled from a large number of investors and are professionally managed. The money pooled is invested in securities to gain profit. These investors can be institutional or retail. Each investor holds units, and the profit gained from this collective investment is shared proportionately among investors after taking certain expenses, by calculating NAV or “Net Asset Value”.

With the IDFC FIRST Bank’s

mutual fund investment app, the investors can benefit in different ways.

  • Invest in mutual funds and manage them online
  • Access at any time on a mobile phone
  • Perform mutual fund transactions
  • Invent in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)
  • Access Switch and Redemption on a single platform
  • Plan investments instantly based on market situations

Who can register for mutual fund investments?

  • All existing account holders
  • Mutual Fund KRA KYC registered
  • Individual Resident Indians who have completed 18 years of age
  • NRI customers

Some benefits of investing in mutual funds

By investing in mutual funds, the investors can gain several benefits like:

Anytime financial resources: Unlike other investments, one of the most significant benefits of investing in mutual funds is the investors can cash down the units at any time. Mutual fundsoffer flexible withdrawal benefits with pre-exit penalty and exit-load charges.

Diversification: The money is invested in several securities. With this diversification,there is a minimal chance of it being volatile, which reduces the risk of the investor. The value of the investment may fall or rise at any time tandemly.

The investment is managed by professionals: The professionals pool money from the investors and invest in different securities. In addition, the professionals take care of the challenges involved to reduce the investors’ risk.

Is it safe to invest in mutual funds?

Most investors ask, “Is it safe to invest in mutual funds?”.  To get a good profit, you should choose the right mutual funds through the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, which will help you synchronize your investment plan on a long-term basis.

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