How to create Amazon Posts in seven steps


Amazon post makes it simple to make a product for an internet company popular. The Amazon post will submit the post to the feed and then it will appear at the top of the page for people to see. The majority of consumers choose the first product that has the highest rating. Consequently, make certain that your product’s image and definition are maintained in such a way that it will attract customers without fai

Instructions on how to generate Amazon Posts

You may create and deploy your first set of Amazon Posts in as few as seven steps. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Go to and fill out the form.

When you arrive to, you’ll be presented with the option of seeing the Amazon Posts dashboard or the Amazon Seller Central login page. You should proceed to input your credentials if the login page appears. This will allow you to access the dashboard.

2. Create a profile for yourself.

Once you’ve arrived to the Amazon Posts dashboard, you’ll need to fill up your profile information, which will include:

  • Confirming your company’s brand name
  • Adding your company logo to the site
  • Following the completion of these two procedures, you will be able to begin creating your first set of Amazon Posts.

3. Select “Create Post” from the drop-down menu.

Following that, click on the “Create Post” button located in the upper-right hand corner of the page. Afterwards, the Amazon Posts builder will be shown on the dashboard, which will enable you to create and preview your Posts.

4. Upload a picture of yourself

Begin by submitting a picture for each of your Amazon Posts – each Post will have a single photo. The following considerations should be kept in mind while selecting your image:

  • JPG or PNG are acceptable file formats.
  • RGB is the colour format used.
  • Display aspect ratios: 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, and 16:10.
  • The maximum file size is 100 megabytes
  • 640 x 640 pixels or higher resolution is recommended.

Make an effort to include photographs from a variety of settings. Amazon, for example, recommends that you use photos that place your brand or product in a broader perspective. For example, a firm that sells sportswear may post photographs of individuals at the gym using their product on their website.

5. Include a caption for your photo.

Writing a caption is the next step; captions have a character limit of 2200 characters. Captions for Amazon Posts must meet the following requirements: They must be concise and descriptive.

Promote a product that your company owns or has been granted permission to resale or distribute on your behalf.Make use of terminology that is appropriate for a wide readership.

Written in the native language of the Amazon site where the Post is located, for example, Spanish for Posts on or English for Posts on When it comes to captions, Amazon does provide some wiggle room for creativity. You may use emoticons, for example,or hashtags to express yourself. It is also acceptable to use abbreviations such as “w/” for “with.”

Keep in mind, however, that using shorthand may cause some buyers to get perplexed.

6. Input your ASIN number.

As soon as you’ve added your creatives, enter your product’s ASIN, which will provide Amazon with the link to your Amazon Post once it has been approved. If customers choose to click on your Amazon Post, they will be sent to your product listing, so double-check that your ASIN is right before publishing. Check out for more.

7. Submit your Amazon Post to

You may preview and submit your Post to Amazon after your picture has been uploaded, your description written, and your ASIN has been supplied. In the right-hand corner of the Post builder, you can get a preview of how your Post will appear on Amazon. Then double-check your work for any issues, such as typos, and click “Submit for review.” You may track the performance of your Posts once they have been approved by Amazon at

Maintaining awareness of your brand and product awareness, as well as driving sales, is made easier by the fact that you may generate an infinite number of Posts.

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