How to Maintain and Look After your LED TV


When you purchase an LED TV, it is important to make certain you put in the effort and time to look after and maintain them. This is the only way in which you can ensure that repair costs are kept to a minimum and replacement is not required too frequently. Even the simplest things such as turning off the TV can make all the difference. Voltage fluctuations can further lead to problems in internal circuit optimal functioning.

To be on the safe side, here is how to maintain and look after your LED TV in the best way possible.

Clean it at regular intervals

If dusty or dirty, make certain you clean it with a soft material. Do not put in too much pressure on the layer as it is made from a soft thin film. All it takes is gentle movement as the screen can easily fall victim to scratches. This is especially true if the rubber is too hard. Rather than wiping it back and forth, it is better to wipe your TV in one direction itself. You can use an alcohol-based cleaning fluid if the dust particles stick. Make certain you turn your TV off when attempting to clean it.

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Make sure it is away from magnets

See that you keep your Sanyo LED TV away from objects that come with static or electromagnetic electricity. This includes cell phones, fans, GPS, and other electrical equipment. This is because it may interfere or disrupt the picture. Besides this, it also impacts the flash memory of your TV which can overall be problematic for the shelf life of your panel.

Lay emphasis on room temperature

It is important that you put your LED TV at a place with a normal temperature. A temperature that is neither too cold nor too high. If you do not pay attention to this, it can cause malfunction and even damage the TV. Installing it in too high-temperature areas is likely to damage and minimize the lifespan of your display. On the other hand, if you install it at a temperature that is 10°C or lower, it can impact the brightness as well as the quality of the image.

Handle with care

You do not need us to tell you this but it is important that you handle your LED TV in India with care. After all, they are made from fragile thin glass so see that you avoid any kind of impact or bending when you are moving or lifting it. When you are not using the TV, see that you power it off from the plugboard. This works to save power as well as ensure the TV continues to serve you in the best way possible for a longer time.

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Pick a voltage stabilizer

Trust us when we say you do not want to smell burning circuits when you have paid a great deal for your LED TV. Voltage fluctuation can lead to higher voltage passing through your TV. This can happen more often in the monsoons so you better be on high alert. This is true not only for TVs but for all electronic gadgets. It is essential that you go in for a good stabilizer.

When you are first mounting it, see that you have it opened and mounted by technicians just to be on the safe side. There is a chance that doing it yourself can lead to you damaging or even breaking a piece of the equipment.

So there you go. Pay attention to these factors and you are sure to have a good shelf life watching your favorite series and videos in a vivid and detail-oriented manner.

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