MilesWeb Review – Highest Rated Unmanaged VPS Hosting Services


Trust me, VPS hosting is the need of your website. You have started to receive heavy traffic, and you are running out of space and resources. If you continue to host your website on shared hosting, you will lose potential clients and visitors.

Shared hosting is good hosting, but after a while, it limits users from growing more. You exceed the resources and even start facing security problems. It is better to switch before it creates issues for your website.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, is more powerful. It doesn’t limit but helps expand your business website. If you are receiving heavy visitors, VPS has the capability to manage loads of traffic at the same time. It will not only provide you with the best performance but will also encourage more sales.

It is one of the advanced hostings after shared hosting. You can flourish your business and generate better income.

In that case, MilesWeb is one of the best VPS hosting providers. If you are looking forward to it, you can purchase it from MilesWeb. They are affordable, quality and offers 24/7 expert support to their users.

If it is about powerful hosting, you can even choose dedicated hosting. But as of now, it will come as an expensive service. VPS provides the same experience but at a lesser cost. So, instead of purchasing the whole big dedicated server, a virtual private server will still help you heighten the business.

However, there’s always an option to switch. Once your website grows even better, you can opt for dedicated hosting. As of now, low cost VPS will fit your budget and expenses.

Plus, MilesWeb’s plans are reasonable. You will not have to worry about too much investment, and you will enjoy the best benefits.

What does VPS Hosting Mean?

VPS hosting is a virtual private server. The name itself says the privately-owned server. That means you will not share the server space as you do in shared hosting.

The host will set up the physical server and create many virtual servers. Each user will use their own server on the virtual level. That means there’s no need of sharing space or resources with others. It all belongs to one single user.

Yes, VPS hosting provides 100% dedicated resources.

The entire virtual server and all resources will be committed to your website. They will help you secure the content and still provide the best user experience. With VPS hosting, your business will experience better growth, more sales, more traffic and many benefits alongside.

However, it also depends upon the content and products you offer through your website. Visitors love browsing and buying from worthy companies. The hosting will do its work, so make sure you do your work.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Unmanaged VPS hosting means you look after your hosting on your own. Although it will require a few technical skills, you can learn them. This will save you money which you may invest in managed services. Plus, you can monitor, customize and make any needed changes anytime you want. You will not have to wait or depend on assistance.

MilesWeb’s Unmanaged VPS Hosting

MilesWeb offers a few plans under its unmanaged Linux VPS hosting. They have two options under VPS services – Linux and Windows VPS. Linux VPS plans start from Rs. 480/m and Windows VPS plans start from Rs. 945/m.

You can analyze your needs and accordingly buy any unmanaged VPS hosting package.

The host will also offer you the best features along with your VPS plan. That will add up to your future success and growth. MilesWeb has really helped several companies establish and flourish on the internet, which is why thought of recommending them to many more.

 If you opt for their services, they will for sure help you expand and grow.

Plus, VPS has the power to manage the heavy traffic load. It will not limit you and will provide you with the best security. Here you will not have to worry about security risks such as cyber-attacks and fraud.

Further, VPS will improve the performance of your website. It will enhance the speed and will load the pages faster than before. That also means that you will not experience too many downtimes, and the bounce rate will decrease.

Also, you will enjoy a completely isolated environment as you won’t be sharing the server and its resources. The control, configuration and customization will be in your hands. The host offers full SSH root access so, you can manage the server with ease.

Here are the advantages of hosting with MilesWeb

  • 24/7 customer support
  • SSH root access
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Create unlimited email accounts
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Easy upgrade
  • Dedicated IP


VPS hosting is a great way to expand your business website. It will enhance the performance and smoothness of your site. Plus, MilesWeb’s affordable prices will fit your budget. Their quality services will encourage more traffic and sales. Till date, they have served more than 35,000 successful customers worldwide. That means you can sit relax and expect good growth.

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