The best tips and tricks of Idle Heroes Pro


As you know, how technology is advanced. Technology offers many new opportunities to do in this modern world. It can be a way to make a revolution in the gaming industry and affect several other sectors. Everyone loves to play games in free time, so why not you can try Idle Heroes Pro. The game has comprehensive features or highly-advanced tech to find friends or more. Would you want to know about the best adventurous game? There are several games available that you can choose to come with characters or rank push. For such a better experience or more advanced information, you get a glimpse of the Play guide of the game. Developer DHGAMES launched the Idle Heroes Pro on 22nd June 2016. Still, it is a trendy game among the audience.

Get free 5 stars

It wouldn’t be easy to get the free 5 stars. Do not expect these stars before level 30. However, you can become the five-star heroes at the starting of the game. There is no need to do a lot of things, especially Battles. With the point, you will get the 5-star heroes in just 5 seconds. You will need to register with an email address or a link with social media accounts to get the five-star hero.

Find a friend

In Idle Heroes Pro, There is no need to link the social media account and to find a friend. You can still find friends or get the advantage of friendship features. There is no need to link the account with Facebook or other social media accounts. To do so, you can do a button, click on the friend’s icon, or check out the list of players into seeking the best friend.

Skip the battles

Arena mode is quite excellent. You can fight with players, teams and get the best prices. However, it is quite tedious to live in an Arena. Every Arena matches take 2 minutes to start. Instead of playing the arena, you can go for other battles.

Upgrade the heroes

In the game for Hero gain levels or tires as well as it can be the best way to improve them. Every time you get several points, or it will help upgrade the heroes. It’s highly advisable to invest in the best points of Class Heroes.


Once you build a team of at least 4-star heroin Idle Heroes Pro, disassembles them soon. When you reach the level,

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you will continue to win the level of Heroes or hold the best points. You can also purchase the heroes like demon Hunter, Walter, or more.

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