Top 5 Benefits of Network Monitoring Management


Keeping every detail of business operations tidy and smoothly running is essential for the survival and success of organizations. They know that technology innovation plays an integral role in ensuring this. Hence, successful businesses employ network monitoring solutions–recognizing that downtime costs hefty price and optimizing asset utilization lowers expenses.

That said, this article explores the many benefits that all organizations can get from network monitoring solutions.

  1. Provides real-time data for immediate solution to problems

Monitoring management is imperative for businesses that use networks for its day-to-day operation. It is the only tool for ensuring the smooth running of the systems by means of proactively providing real-time data about the overall health of the network. It enables owners to understand the needs of the system for better performance or for a more cost effective operation.

This is the primary benefit of network monitoring management from which all other benefits spring.

1.1 Prevents Downtime

A CA Tech survey revealed that about $26.5 Bn in revenue is lost annually from IT downtime. Per minute, the cost of downtime is marked $5,600 per minute. These figures are enough to elicit vigilance among business owners about the health of their network operations. With network monitoring management, the hefty price of business disness disruption caused by faulty IT infrastructure can be minimized, or eliminate all together.

Preventing business disruption also benefits the customers and thus can boost your reputation as effective and reliable vendor or service provider.

  1. Enables effective and efficient Change management

Efficient change management is secured with a good network monitoring solutions in place. It ensures that the network is ready for the deployment of new technologies and mitigates risk in times of imperative major changes.

With real time monitoring, the success of new technologies is measured and evaluated.

  1. Helps maintain compliance with Regulations

Businesses don’t have to worry about SLA with an NOC to monitor network performance and security. They can keep themselves ahead of the curve in terms of regulatory requirements because the network operations management keeps the network at par with the latest guidelines and regulation.

  1. Improves Network Security

Businesses need not to worry about networks security as monitoring solutions essentially includes protection of networks from internal and external threats. A first-rate network monitoring solutions include impregnable protection against cyber-attacks both originating inside and outside the business’ premises.

  1. Increases Profit and Lowers Expenses

With network monitoring management in place, problems and risk are mitigated, solutions are promptly deployed, and network security are harnessed 24/7. All these benefits lead to reliable service and smoothly-running business operation that increases customer acquisition and retention. And ultimately, leads to higher profit and lowered expenses.

The benefits that monitoring solutions can offer are vast. These are only 5 of the many good things that every business can enjoy when they employ a reputable network operations center to do the job.

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