What you should know about the best referral programs


Referral programs allow you to supplement your income without investment. However, before you sign up for a referral program, ensure that the organisation is legit. Even though many institutions promise incentives for referrals, few of them consistently pay their partners. Additionally, avoid referring your contacts for products and services that are not up to the mark. Refer only the best businesses, as it will improve your credibility within your contacts.

What is a referral program?

A referral program offers compensation to individuals who suggest a company’s product or services to others. The incentive could be a set amount, free app hours, e-Gift certificates, or prepaid debit cards. Individuals earn these rewards as they bring new business. Although every referral program has its pros and cons, many people prefer programs where you can earn cash.

IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner app has one such referral program where you can earn a sizeable amount in cash every month. It comes with IDFC FIRST Bank’s backing, so you can rest assured about payments.

MyFIRSTpersonal loans partner program

The MyFIRST personal loans partner program is an IDFC FIRST Bank initiative to help people earn money by referring their contacts for personal loans. Using the app, you can help people get access to funds and make money simultaneously.

The MyFIRST Partner app allows you to assist people in getting personal loans. It also enables you to partner with IDFC FIRST Bank, which provides client recruitment support and strategic business activities. With zero investment and no physical documents, you can start your referral adventure with the MyFIRST Partner app and earn a sizeable amount every month.

How much can you earn using the MyFIRST partner app?

One of the best things about the My FIRST personal loans app is that there is no limit to how much you can earn. Your income per month depends solely on how many successful referrals you make. You can even earn more than ₹50,000 a month if your referrals are up to the mark.

Furthermore, your income is credited into your account every week. This feature can be helpful when you are running short on cash and need money to manage EMIs, pay bills, and address your daily expenses.

Supplementing your income with a side hustle can also help you build wealth. You can use your side income to address your regular financial commitments and use your primary source of income to build wealth. A referral program can help if you want to earn money without investing. Referral programs can be the side income needed to elevate yourself to the next level.

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