Why Advertise on Television?


Advertising influences 90% of customer decisions to utilise a service or purchase goods. Although there are many advertising channels to choose from, TV advertising continues to be the best way to reach Australian audiences. Wondering how? Here are some stats for you. A majority of Australians still devote about 88% of their screen time to watching television. On average, each person watches TV for approximately 3 hours a day. These data clearly show that television advertising is a fast and effective way for your message to be heard.

Local television advertising allows you to show and tell about your business to wide audiences. It lets you demonstrate the benefits of ownership. You can also show how your service or products works and how it is packaged, so the prospects will know what to look for at the point of sale. In reality, television advertising offers more benefits than any other advertising channels, making it an effective use of advertising dollars.

Reach a larger group of audience:

One of the most significant advantages of television advertising is the possibility to reach a large group of audiences with just one ad. Television is often the first medium most of first think of when we have leisure time. In fact, watching television is the country’s most common leisure activity. No media can beat TV when it comes to reaching a large crowd. So without a doubt, a larger segment of people will see your ad, but be sure it is well made and creative to keep them engaged.

Grabs attention:

Just imagine how it feels to take your products or services directly and privately into millions of homes all over the country. You can show them why your brand is better, faster, and long-lasting. You can even demonstrate it in front of the viewers by investing in best TV advertising rates. This is one of the biggest benefits of television advertising since you can call out to your prospective customer’s right where they are. Television advertising is similar to patting your prospects’ shoulders and telling them ‘hey come check this out’.

Television ads gather a captive audience:

No additional competition and a captive audience are other advantages of television advertising. Even if your ad runs for just a few seconds, it will put your product in the spotlight. This contrasts other advertising media like newspaper, where your ad will be printed relatively smaller and placed directly beside competitor ads.

Offers multiple ways to broadcast your message:

Unlike most advertising medium, local TV advertising lets you broadcast your message with two options instead of one. You have access to sound and visual influences that encourages people to hear and see your message. This combination makes it easy for the audience to remember the message presented to them. This further increase the possibility is that your ad will create a conversion for you at some point.

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