Why Should Companies Switch to Cloud-Based Oracle ERP Software Solution


Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a popular software solution that companies use to streamline and automate their back-office processes. It operates on cloud technology and includes solutions for accounting, inventory control, material procurement, risk analysis, financial compliance, project management, and supply chain operations. A comprehensive enterprise resource planning software platform allows companies to consolidate numerous business processes to ensure proper information flow. This significantly eliminates the occurrence of data duplication to boost internal efficiency. It provides them with a single source where various departments can share real-time information without problems.

How does the cloud-based Oracle ERP software solution work?

The design of this popular enterprise resource planning software solution revolves around a single well-defined data structure called a schema. This is the fundamental building block of a common ERP database. This ensures the flow of information across different companies’ departments is normalized based on the common user experience. These key schemas then interconnect different business processes and systems to streamline workflow among the departments. This software solution even has an in-built centralized repository that collects, stores, and distributes real-time data flowing from these departments. It allows managers and CEOs to get instant access to the critical information they need to make smart decisions.

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What do companies need to consider when implementing cloud-based Oracle ERP solutions?

At the time of migrating from a standalone on-premises system to Oracle ERP companies should consider the following factors:

  • They should first evaluate the objectives of moving from an on-premise ERP facility to a cloud-based system,
  • Companies need to determine what analytics, modules, and functions of the cloud-based Oracle ERP software solution to activate,
  • Companies should make sure their employees get adequate training in using Oracle ERP even if it is user-friendly, and
  • Companies should conduct the adequate live test- runs to ensure the ERP software solution functions according to their expectations.


The benefits of using the Oracle enterprise software solution to automate and streamline workflow for companies are as follows:

  1. Companies do not have to incur upfront infrastructure costs on purchasing data servers,
  2. This ERP software solution has numerous security features which companies can act to protect their critical data,
  3. Oracle enterprise resource planning software can easily be integrated with other popular business solutions,
  4. Companies can access their data from any location as thissoftware solution is compatible with smartphone platforms like Android OS and
  5. Oracle enterprise resource planning software solutions allow companies to significantly reduce their operational expenses by streamlining business processes

The cloud-based Oracle ERP software solutions enable companies to automate their critical back-office business processes. This allows them to streamline the workflow and access to real-time information across different departments. It helps companies to boost the internal efficiency of their businesses and reduce operational costs. Moreover, this ERP software solution can integrate easily with other business systems and smartphone platforms like Android. This enables the managers of companies to gain access to critical data from any location. They can even activate relevant security features to protect this information from potential threats.

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