3 link building tips with quality content


It’s almost impossible to find a website that doesn’t have a single backlink. Since backlinks are the most important ranking factor for Google and other search engines, no website can rank without them. And it’s these links that help the search engines find your website. A lot of backlinks point to high-quality content. Backlinks from reliable and authority sites also pass power and trust to your website. All these play important roles to help search engines and even online surfers find your website.

When it comes to the leading search engine Google, two of its top ranking factors are quality content and backlink. But how can you merge the two to get the most benefit? If you’ve been thinking of using quality content to build backlinks, here are the top three ways to do it. You can always take the DIY route but if you don’t have the expertise or the time to invest, it’s best to leave the task to an experienced and reliable link building agency.  

1.  Create list-based articles that offer true value

This is perhaps the most under-rated strategy that Perfect Link Building is one of the best link building company in USA.Several studies have shown that on the internet,list-based articles or listicles perform the best in terms of getting comments, likes and shares, and backlinks. Perhaps that’s why you’ll find such articles almost everywhere. But to get backlinks, your article can’t be just another listicle that adds nothing to the topic or talks about what others have already said a million times before. If your article doesn’t offer any value to the readers, you can understand why no one would like to link back to it. So, before you start writing a listicle, you need to find a topic on which you’ve something new to say or a different viewpoint to present. You could present new research data, trends, facts and figures, or your views, albeit from a different perspective. The goal should be to pack a ton of value and actionable insights, if possible, into your article and make it easy to read.

If you can pick a trending topic or an evergreen subject that’s searched often and is relevant to your niche, it would be a good topic to create your listicle around. Make sure every point on your listicle gives your audience something new to learn or think or even debate about. If you’re courageous and don’t mind courting controversy, you could even go ahead and present your controversial views. However, in such cases, it’s best to let an experienced link building agencyhandle the job as they would balance it well and ensure your move doesn’t become a boomerang and end up defeating your purpose of getting backlinks.

The fundamental point is to offer your readers true value via your listicle and promote it on different mediums. As people become aware of it and read it, some of them won’t hesitate to give you a backlink. You could even act proactively and reach out to blogs or websites that have a relevant piece on the topic and could do well by linking back to you to bridge the information gap their original piece has. https://perfectlinkbuilding.com/us/packages/

2.  Create case studies and try to get contextual links

Several SEO link building services create case studies thatare almost guaranteed to help you get backlinks from reputed, high-quality sites. Such case studies can help you on several fronts. They assist in building your brand’s authority, do well SEO-wise, and bring more web traffic your way that have higher chances of conversion. Additionally, leveraging well-planned case studies to get backlinks has been proven to be an extremely effective technique that rarely fails to bring you the desired result, provided you execute it the right way.

If you’ve used a product or service that has helped you improve your business (by getting more leads, more conversions, more clicks, etc.) you could share the details about how it has helped you in your case study. This way, you can help people notice how it has helped you and can do the same for them too. At the same time, sharing such insights would stand testimony to your own capabilities in the domain, which would help establish your authority and credibility. If it’s your own product or service, you can get in touch with your customers, vendors, or business partners and ask if they would like to collaborate on a joint case study that you’ll post on your website. In either of these instances, your case study needs to be relevant and offer some useful/actionable insights and/or answers to common pain-points of your target audience.

You should use your case study to get contextual links, which are extremely valuable for SEO purposes as search engines consider them stronger “recommendations” compared to a backlink placed elsewhere on the same page.

When you work with a reputed link building agency,it will help you to find such opportunities to get contextual links for your case study. They are likely to use both free and paid tools for the purpose. You too could find a few link building opportunities via a simple Google search. Say, your case study is about a new content writing trend. You should search for articles that talk about content writing trends and recommend other relevant articles under their “Recommended articles”, “Read more”, or “Recommended reading” sections.

Once your chosen SEO link building servicesprovider identifies such opportunities, they will reach out to these authors to pitch your case study and ask for a backlink. Such requests usually use apersonalised and persuasive email and focus on why your case study is worth being featured under “Read more” or “Recommended articles”.

Unlike simple link exchanges (which may even be done frequently by many), such contextual links are more credible. And if you can find relevant keywords as the anchor texts for these backlinks, your SEO efforts would get a boost, thus making these links all the more useful for you. And since a dependable link buildingagency can help you get such links, often with their painstaking effort, you’ll stand to reap the rich benefits.

3.    Guest blogging

By now, almost everyone knows how effective guest blogging could be if you do it right. Your link building agency can help you find relevant blogs where you can pitch in to write a guest post and get a backlink – either via the URL placed in the content body or your author bio at the bottom of the post. To get a website to agree to let you write a guest blog for getting a backlink, you need to study the type of content it publishes, the categories of content that are most liked, read, and shared, and on what topics they already have a ton of posts. All these would let you figure the type of content it’s most likely to give its nod to.

Once you figure it out, you should craft a brief content outline and send it to a few popular blogs that you’ve been following and reading for some time now. If you’ve hired SEO link buildingservices, the experts on board will ensure your backlink from such guest posts uses the relevant anchor texts with your keywords to give your SEO campaigns a boost as well.

These are just some of the ways you can use high-quality content to get relevant backlinks from high-authority sites. 

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