Looking for an SEO Boost? Email Marketing Is Key


SEO is more than just about search engine platforms and websites. The search ranking of a website is determined by combining off-page SEO and on-page SEO strategies. Link building may be a widely used and highly effective off-page SEO tactic, but email marketing is a very strong strategy that can boost your SEO in many different ways. The use of emails is an excellent way to boost your digital marketing strategy and directly reach your audiences. Let’s take a look at some ways on how email marketing Sydney can benefit your SEO efforts.   

Drive More Website Traffic

From time to time, you can send out automated emails to subscribers. Emails that are personalised will bring more website traffic and will continue to grow as your list of subscribers increases. Once Google finds the quality traffic that your website is getting, it will give your website a better search ranking as a reward.

Decrease Bounce Rates

Email marketing Sydney enables you to share contents that are trending. It also allows you to share an organised list of blog posts which customers might like. Curious individuals will surely click through and proceed to your webpage. Once they find your content interesting, they will remain for some time on your website. This would then lead to decreased bounce rates and eventually a better search ranking.

Determine Search Intent

In order to enhance the user search experience, Google carries out machine learning. Powered by AI, this provides results that are based on what users are actually searching for. It is necessary to determine the search intent in order to deliver the most suitable content to a specific search.

Email marketing makes this possible. Conduct a survey through an email to your subscribers. Incorporate a set of questions that will help you better understand the audience. Use the responses to determine the content that will suit their interests and requirements. This tactic will surely work because of your relatable content and the audience will surely like it. This further helps customer engagement and simultaneously lowers the bounce rates.

Ask Reviews from Subscribers

In local SEO, reviews are a highly crucial ranking signal. You can use email marketing services Sydney to help acquire reviews from customers. Doing this can greatly help local businesses to improve their search rankings. Additionally, reviews can establish trust and draw more customers.

Increase Engagement in Social Media

By adding social sharing buttons to the email content, it will urge customers to share it throughout varying social media platforms. Requesting subscribers to share the content will increase social shares as well as website traffic. Your SEO strategy will improve through better social media engagement.

Based on the aforementioned points, it is easy to see how your marketing strategy would improve by combining SEO and email marketing. To learn more, contact any leading email marketing agency Sydney for details.

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