If English is the mother language, then there’s no need to worry about the learning process of the children but if it is not a native language and someone is learning or improving English then it can be mind-grinding for all those individuals who are about to learn the English language. There are many strategies to learn English but one of the most effective and fun ways to learn English is to attempt fun quizzes offered by different online tools and software.

Grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation are the pillars that make an English stand up perfectly. If these pillars are strong then the language speaker will also be confident enough to speak it in front of everyone.


Basic Importance:

Only the language is a source of communication. Sharing ideas and expressing feelings are followed by the verbal communication that is only possible through the language. There are thousands of languages spoken around the world and every language is characterized by its importance. Either national or international, all languages hold their importance but English is the only language that is considered to be the international language. It is used in all aspects of communication, most importantly, for business deals. English Language learners should be aware of the importance of the English Language. Below are the valuable points to get noticed.

1. It is the international common tongue:

The importance of English can’t be denied as an international language. In various cultures, it is a very common tongue used to communicate with other people. For example, if two persons came from different countries then the language they use to communicate in English. From my point of view, everyone should learn English as a second language to communicate with others because, for communicational and business purposes, it is most commonly used.

2. It is the language of academia:

In the field of education, English plays an important part as a language. Most of the countries teach their children as a second language that is crucial to learn as it is a higher education language. Most of the world’s top universities and schools are English-Speaking. So, the question “how to improve English” is answered in better terms there and those children know the pain of struggling time they’ve taken to learn English perfectly.

3. It opens new career opportunities:

Fluency in English must not be given a small view when we discuss the English language’s importance. The global online job market with job opportunities is very common that is run by different companies. These companies post the job in search of an employee or a worker. If we notice, we come to know that the only means of communication considered there is ENGLISH. That’s why learning English is important.

4. It is the top language used on the Internet:

As we all are globally connected in social terms. We must be familiar with it that all the Internet things communicate in English. The most-used online language is English that isalso involved in chatting and talking to each other. We comment in English because demographically, many users are Native speakers and if they’re not, they’ve learned the English language for communicational purposes. We know that more visits will be familiar with the English language and they’ll understand the point of view. You’re explaining out there.

5. You’ll become smarter

It is proven in the research that brain structure changes when we learn a new language. It improves the way we think and makes us more versatile in the field wherever this language is important. English learner is even smarter than anyone. Due to English’s international importance, it has grown very vast roots in every field and our daily life. So, this attracts us to learn English and open a new world of opportunities and creativity. Importance in the field of technology: Summarizing this topic, we say that the rapid growth of technology in all the fields can’t be denied. All over the world, when the scientists make inventions and innovations, most of them describe their research in the English language (Again! it is an international language) because they know that people will understand this language better than any other language. These representatives interact with people on the web (officially followed by the English Language) which is of huge benefit for us. For example, IT advanced innovations are also done in the English language. Computer games, Google apps, and Theme stores are all explained in English.


Apart from these things, a spellquiz is a tool that helps children of any age to learn the relevant words (to their age group) and then perform the quizzes. This helps them learn new rules of English that make their life easier for the future. From Grade 1 to Grade 12, relevant words are available that learners can learn according to their age. I would like to recommend this to you to give it a try.

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