Reasons to start focusing on Google Ads!


Running an online business is not a joke, particularly when you have to compete with business giants who have a sky-high marketing budget. The race to get to the first page of SERP is highly competitive. Even with excellent SEO, trying to reach the first page, might easily take a lot of time. This is where paid campaign like Google Ads comes in. Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform that lets businesses to display their ads on search result pages. These posts appear at the top or bottom of Google search engine result page. Google Ads is an effective and common marketing tactic among businesses that are looking to increase their online traffic. In this post, we will dive into some of the advantages of using Google Ads for your business.

Advantages of Using Google Ads:

Google Ads is an influential tool when it comes to advertising a company’s products or services online. If you are wondering what makes it so great, below are a few of the benefits according to Adwords agency Sydney, that businesses enjoy from this paid platform:

Precise Targeting:

With the search engine’s targeting options, marketing experts can ensure that their ads are displayed only to the right audience. They can filter their viewers based on age, keywords, geographical location, etc. This is helpful, especially for local businesses. Researches show that about 50% of people who conduct local searches on their Smartphone end up visiting the store within a day. This clearly gives local businesses an advantage in attracting attention by staying on top of SERPs.

Measure performance consistently:

It is not really easy to assess the outcomes of traditional ads like magazines, television, newspapers, etc. Moreover, they are expensive than Google Ads. You cannot control your budget as well. In addition, unless your customers choose to reveal it, you won’t know the source of the leads coming from those media. Therefore, it would be difficult to calculate return on investment from traditional media.

However, Google Ads will tell you what happened with the campaign exactly. You will get to know:

  • How many leads are generated?
  • Who clicked on your ads?
  • Which keyword generated the most leads and traffic?
  • How much traffic your site has got from Google Ads?

This can help marketers realise what worked and what didn’t. With this info, you can then tweak your campaigns accordingly until you achieve the best results.

Boost brand awareness:

Google Ads, besides boosting clicks, traffic, and conversions, it is also an efficient way to tell prospects about your brand. Now if you aim to increase brand awareness, that’s an added reason to focus on Google Ads.

Google Ads is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to acquiring new customers for your businesses. If not used wisely, this platform can cost you money, without bringing in a decent return on investment. So, working with a reputed Google ads agency Sydney will be a smart move, especially if you are new to Google Ads.

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