Smartphones from the Apple company are launched equipped with the new apple iOS operating system, a lot of people will to buy or own a smartphone. confused when you want to choose iPhone or Android. The difference between iPhone and Android is very clear, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Buy iPhone 12, which has just released the latest iPhone in circulation

  • Regarding data sharing, the iPhone 12 more complicate

For many iPhone user, perhap problem on sharing data come in one of the most annoying thing. And see to send or received data suchh as songs, do you have to move in via Tunes. This means that you also have to install the iTunes application on your laptop.

 Besides, the iPhone is also complicated in use the Bluetooth. iPhone will only transfer and send data via Bluetooth to fellow iPhone 12 seri. done this to reduces the risk of spreading virus accidentaly carried over by the transfer files. Un like Android for which has to the freedom to share data. iOS can received or and send data without the hassle of iPhone12 seri. As long there is one data cable.all those problem are solved But the problem, that freedom makes Android more a vulnerable to virus, malware, and other destructive things, both destroying data and system from the OS.

  • Display modification freedom that iPhone doesn’t have

The iPhone is verry exclusive , product from apple. Because exclusive user cannot changee the appearance of the home screen  start from logo, Meanwhile, Android users can change whatever they want, even the smartphone theme. How to change it is also quite easy. You only need to download the applications available on Google Play according to your interests.iPhone is an exclusive product. 

This is different from Android. Even though Android smartphones generally offer a memory capacity that is no less large, you can still add more memory by inserting an additional external memory card.

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