Step by Step Guide for Building an On-Demand App


An on-demand service refers to a website or mobile app which is used to order a service or product exactly when someone needs it.

According to market research, such products are usually service-oriented. To keep the service free from disruption, clients stay connected with the professionals all the time. And, it won’t be unwise to call it a market, as people are selling and buying services.

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Why are on-demand apps so popular?

According to a report, more than 22.4 million people are using on-demand apps; which means yearly $56.7 billion of revenue. Remember, the industry is still at its budding stage. People only started talking about these apps. In the coming days, it’s likely that on-demand apps will attract more customers through referrals. The reason the mode is so highly universal is because it aims to connect customers to contractors, customers to companies, and companies to companies. Plus, these apps are applicable to all kinds of businesses – C2C, B2B, B2C, etc.

Business Owners:

Business owners like on-demand app services because they are trendy, easy-to-build, comfortable to manage, and don’t require much budget.

The popularity of on-demand app services has much increased among business owners, as they are trendy, easy-to-build and manage, and budget-friendly.

Flexibility: An on-demand app functions though community-executed services. Thus it keeps the company from responsibility to own or assure anything.

Trends: On-demand apps have gained ground among investors and partners. Selling such a concept is easy because that’s what everybody is looking for now.

Cost-efficiency: There’s no need to buy any products or employ people who will provide services. All you need is a mobile application development agency that will build apps on time and within budget.

Quick to Execute: On-demand apps are developed in several months. The average time taken to build an app is usually 30 to 60 days.


Whether you are start-up owners or large enterprise, you will likely benefit from these apps. Here’s why:

Convenience: Users tend to shy away from signing up for something that requires commitment, and on-demand apps pay attention to that aspect. That’s why these solutions offer free trials, allowing customers to make the first order and appreciate the convenience of the service. This earns trust and faith of the customers.

Customer-Centered: Most on-demand apps function on the to-your-doorstep basis. It asks for information like the client’s location and sends a provider there. It also takes care of personal preferences, enables customers to rate the service, and review providers. In other words, it promotes the decisive power – and they like it.

Community: Users prefer access to million users instead of just contacting one contractor. On-demand apps allow users to get access to a professional community.

The reason for on-demand apps to become so popular is their feasibility and flexibility. Both for business owners and users, it costs very little to get started, and the payoff is evident early on.

How to Build an On-Demand App:

All successful on-demand products followed promising business models. They don’t have to be innovative. There’s nothing unique about taxi app or delivery on-demand app, though. But, Uber and GrubEats clicked. All in all, it’s all about a combination of a relevant concept and thought-out execution that makes the on-demand marketplace successful.

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Here goes a guideline that should be followed to create an app:

  • Choose a niche
  • Outline your positioning
  • Create a minimum viable product
  • Create a final version of the app
  • Bring your solution to the market

With the right approach and tech stack, any niche can be converted into an on-demand basis. All you need is a concept and defined target audience. Other aspects that should be born in mind are vision of essential and additional functionality, and a sustainable business model. Take advantage of the best mobile app development services with every step of on-demand development. From concept validation to development and testing, the experts will guide you through every phase.

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