Why Do You Need to Be an SEO Expert? Best Ways to Enter this Field


There are different variations used for an SEO Expert such as some people call them SEO Analyst, SEO expert, Gurus, SEO Specialist etc. Whatever people call them but one thing is clear that they are the best at their field and we can learn alot from them.

It is better to learn from experienced people instead of trying new things without knowledge.

today’s world almost everything is online, thanks to the internet. We can have access to everything within a few seconds. So, not to be outdone, a great strategy is to follow American gurus and learn from them. Today I bring you the 7 best SEO experts from the United States, shall we start?

If you’re not getting a lot of hits on your website, you may need to step up your search engine optimization (SEO) game. I do not play? No problem. An SEO specialist can help.

Read on for more information on the job and what it takes to get the job done.

What exactly does an SEO specialist do?

A search engine optimization (SEO) or you can say digital marketing specialist improves the website’s ranking on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!

By using smart page tactics (keyword tag, internal links, clean URLs, etc.), “an SEO specialist can increase the visibility of the website within search engines, ultimately resulting in more traffic and more sales. ” If you want to get more insights of what exactly SEO specialists do then an SEO Community.

Other tasks include implementing and maintaining titles and meta tags, URL redirects, and 404 errors; analyze the web presence of the competition; monitor Google Search Console and similar tools for webmasters; identification of link building opportunities; and negotiate contracts with agencies and vendors.

Some also work closely with members of the creative and marketing teams to develop new initiatives and update or manage social media accounts to increase user engagement.

SEM knowledge is essential for SEO specialists, of course, but it’s also beneficial for anyone from marketers to freelance writers.

What do you need to be an SEO expert?

  1. Analysis

What you need to be an SEO expert is the ability to collect data on who, what, when and where, and answer the “how” and “why” questions.

For example, you should:

  • Consult the reports on the organic increase in traffic and determine which tactic or tactics were responsible for this increase.
  • Analyze the latest ranking drops and trace the causes of that pullback.
  • Select the right keywords for your campaign.
  • Find out which content works best for your audience (and why).
  1. Research

For an SEO campaign, research often begins with a basic keyword and competitor analysis , which provides the knowledge necessary to create the strategic foundation for the campaign. But SEO requires much more research than it is. You will need to be aware of the latest news and updates from search engines.

Next, you’ll have to run experiments to see how your tactics affect search ranking. You will even have to find answers to your problems when you inevitably encounter challenges. The faster and more efficiently you investigate, the better you will get.

  1. Basic coding concepts

You don’t have to be a professional programmer to be successful in SEO.

Still, it helps to have some familiarity with the basics of coding.

  1. Humility

SEO is a field full of surprises ; Just because you think you know something doesn’t mean it’s objectively true for all customers, or that things aren’t going to change in a few weeks or months.

  1. Communication

You will have to proactively communicate with the other members of your team to ensure that your instructions are carried out. You will have to explain complex concepts to your clients , who may not know much about it.

You will also need to produce content that your readers can relate to. All of these responsibilities require excellent communication skills; Without them, it will be difficult for you to be competitive.

  1. Learning speed

Learning speed is also important, in part because new information about SEO and the effectiveness of strategies within this field are always emerging . It is also important to learn fast because there are many different platforms and tools that you will use to get the job done. .

  1. Tenacity

Tenacity is not really a skill, but it is a characteristic that you will need if you want to be successful. Being able to persevere beyond those low moments and find solutions to your problems no matter what happens is vital if you want to be successful.

These core skills guide you through the entire process, from campaign planning and keyword research to retrospective reporting and analysis.

The more you invest in yourself, the more you can do to achieve your goals.

How can someone enter this field?

A degree in marketing is useful, but because SEO is so specific, there aren’t many college classes that give you the skills you need, Horton explains. He recommends studying the abundance of material available online.

Here is the list of 8 best SEO Experts around the globe to follow.

  1. Neil Patel

The first does not happen by chance. Neil is not only a crack at SEO; It is noted that online marketing in general understands for a while, and has managed to position itself as one of the greatest SEO experts worldwide.

He has a very complete blog with everything you can imagine about SEO and SEM. Its great advantage is that it explains everything great and in the most detailed way possible.

I recommend that you read their posts when you have time, since they are one of the few articles published on the Internet that are worth reading in their entirety.

In addition, it has a website where we find a jungle (in a good way) of calls to action, interesting content, free ebooks, webinars, subscription forms … It is clear that what Neil wants is to get customers and that he does not know to cut hair to make it very clear in its place.

  1. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin Or, as he calls himself, the Wizard of Moz. He is the CEO of Moz.com who, in case you don’t know him, is one of the most important SEO companies in the world today.

Rand has his own section within the company’s blog and he writes about positioning, from the most basic to the most advanced concepts. Sometimes he does it in video format and others in writing, but in any case he is an SEO expert that you should follow without thinking twice.

The good thing about Rand is that in his blog he explains everything new that is coming out about SEO in a very detailed way. He usually has collaborations from other experts, both from his own company and from outside.

  1. Avinash Kaushik

He is the “Google evangelist”, as he defines himself on his page, and is an expert in everything related to web analytics and search engine optimization. He has several books published and writes long articles on his blog, very detailed and very well explained.

LinkedIn himself considers him an influencer and recommends that we follow him. And who are we to ignore LinkedIn?

The only bad thing? That he doesn’t post too often.

  1. Danny Sullivan

Do you know Search Engine Land? It is one of the most relevant SEO, SEM magazines and everything related to search engines in the sector. Danny Sullivan is the founder and assiduous writer of the magazine. This case is a little different from the rest, since, more than to learn, its magazine is tremendously useful to keep you up to date with everything that happens. And as we all know, in the online world it is essential to be up to date to survive.

He is also considered an influencer by LinkedIn and by all SEO experts in the sector. I recommend that you should follow both the magazine and the author.

  1. Cyrus Shepard

“SEO changed my life.” That says nothing else when we enter your website. I do not know if it will be true, but what is clear is that SEO knows a while and knows how to convey it very well. He has a blog specialized in positioning that, although it is not very updated, it is highly recommended to look from time to time, since his articles are very interesting.

He is Fishkin’s partner on Moz.com and is the company’s SEO director.

  1. Shahid Maqbool

It’s not easy to track the best SEO Specialist. When you search about the leading SEO Experts, you just got the name Shahid Maqbool with several other names. Why should people choose Shahid Maqbool for SEO Services?

The reason is that he follows all the ethical terms and provides great services to his clients. Shahid Maqbool has a proven track record and he is one of the best SEO Experts in Dubai. He got Certifications as a leading SEO Expert from many organisations.

  1. Brian Dean

Recommended by Neil Patel himself, Brian is starting to make a name for himself among the great American SEO experts. He follows an aesthetic very similar to that of his patron, but he does everything from his Backlinko company.

His blog is very descriptive and is one of the most up-to-date of all on the list. I recommend that you sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date with everything that is coming up.

  1. Matt Cutts

And finally, the only one, the big one… Matt Cutts! Neither more nor less than the Director of the Google “Webspam” team. That is, the team that is responsible for everything related to spam.

He has a really ugly blog, things as they are, but tremendously useful. It not only talks about positioning, but it does so from the point of view of Google itself. This SEO expert does not give advice, he gives dogmas that we must follow with our eyes closed if we want our web positioning to be successful.

In short, he is someone who, without a doubt, we should all follow.

If you want to be up to date with everything that SEO refers to, I recommend that you follow them all. With some you will learn the SEO concepts that escape you and with others you will be up to date with everything new that is emerging in the complicated world of organic positioning.

Subscribe to their newsletters, on Twitter, on LinkedIn … They are all very active on the net and love to share everything they know.


The good thing about Internet is that it gives us thousands of opportunities to learn and stay up to date. The downside is that there is so much to look at that sometimes it is difficult to know where to look. Following the industry experts guide us in this field.

Today I have collected the 7 biggest SEO experts in the United States, but although SEO positioning started there, it is something global and you surely know gurus from other parts of the world, do not hesitate to share them with us!. We recommend having a chat with Peter Skuse at Plymouth SEO Services & Web Design about their free trial.

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