Things to consider when buying a new excavator attachment


No matter the project, when it comes to procuring a new excavator, there are many important factors you need to consider. Understanding the correct specs and knowing what you want will have the greatest impact on your business operation. Here is a list of important considerations that you have to look out for when buying new excavator attachments.

Excavation needs

Project managers should plan and decide what specific projects they will be undertaking, requiring an excavation to perform. Several considerations in line with a type of project include job specs if the excavator is needed for minimal or heavy operations and what excavator attachments you will need, such as rippers, hammers, couplers, and buckets.


Understanding the size of the excavator that you need will be so helpful to combat performance issues. Also, it will provide the adequate power or depth you will need to get your job done. The size can either be compact or mini-size, standard or large, and several excavator configurations are available within each size category.

Attachments such as hydraulics

Another point to note is the attachments. It is important to deliberate on the same attachments for the equipment you intend to purchase to help you work stress-free. Ensure that you find out about the different excavator coupler options you may need. When you equip your excavator with the right attachments, it will provide you with a versatility that will enable you to get the most of your investment.


Consider the needs of the operator when acquiring a new excavator. Most operators have a strong liking between ISO or SAE control patterns. To make things easier, most of the new excavator’s models have an easy pattern control selector, which allows the operator to make adjustments to the machine to their preference.

Operator comfort and ergonomics

Most excavation works need long working hours and some may go on for many days and weeks when you are in the cab of an excavator for maybe 10 hours every day. You will have to be comfortable and ergonomic to be productive. Ensure that you check the cab’s features that will enable your operator to be comfortable and focused when working.


Before you purchase an excavator, it’s critical that you find out how you will transport the equipment to your location. It would be best if you decide on the right and safe way to move the machine. Some dealers will give you after-sale service and provide you with free transportation services when you buy from them.

Choosing the right dealer

Choosing a dealer should be a long-term obligation. The dealer will be so reliable throughout the acquired equipment’s lifespan when it requires spare parts, service, and repair. It would be best if you find a knowledgeable dealer who has a full-service team. It will be an added advantage if the dealer has a great network and has partnered with several manufacturers who have reliable parts.

Maintenance contracts

Whenever you are ready to purchase a new excavator, ensure that you talk to a dealer about the machine warranties and maintenance contracts if they are available. This will be crucial for the protection of your investment.

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