How IoT is Revolutionising Supply Chain Management


Internet of Things has been bringing progressive changes to various industries including retail, finance, transportation, accounting, and healthcare. Supply chain, in particular, has vastly improved with the usage of IoT trackers. Find out below how IoT devices for supply chainbenefits businesses.

Supply Chain Tracking Simplified

IoT devices are a boon when it comes to tracking and monitoring assets in supply chain. Fleet managers find these state-of-the-art tracking devices highly useful. Here are the ways IoT has simplified supply chain management.

  • Tracking in Real Time:

One of the obvious benefits of IoT devices is it allows supply chain personnel obtain real time location data of their products. Immediate alerts will be sent out to the relevant people if the product is taken to a wrong location, thus preventing theft and delays in delivery. IoT sensors manufacturers have been offering effective supply chain solutions to monitor both raw and readymade goods in transit.

  • Forecasting Product Delivery:

Advanced IoT capabilities have enabled more accurate product delivery forecasts. As the device tracks your assets in real time, it can predict on what date they would be delivered at the destination. This allows supply chain managers to make proper decisions and prevent risks before they even occur.

  • Monitoring Storage Conditions:

Another huge advantage with IoT device tracking is that you can consistently monitor the storage condition. The supply chain and cold chain connected devices allow you to check the current temperature and humidity inside the vehicle. You will be alerted if the temperature goes above the desired level. This is specifically useful while transporting heat-sensitive items including COVID-19 vaccines.

Supply Chain Management is Better than Ever

As Internet of Things is widely adopted in supply chain, it has helped improve efficiency and reduce costs by many folds for several businesses. Here are the many ways supply chain management is better than ever with IoT devices.

  • Better Accuracy:

IoT devices provide users detailed data and insights, thus helping supply chain managers and retailers in stocking the right amount of goods to meet customer demands. IoT also minimises human errors and allow you to track assets better.

  • Improved Speed:

Customers want their products delivered fast, and IoT does help achieve the same. IoT supply chain solutions prevent shipment delays, allow faster decision making, and improve efficiency with real time tracking and detection of product location in warehouses.

  • Automation:

IoT devices meet its fullest potential when implemented in large warehouses of retail companies. Every connected device can locate the goods, monitor the condition, and trigger necessary alerts, all without manual intervention. This has allowed supply chain staff to increase their productivity and shift their focus on other important tasks.

With IoT, businesses can reap great rewards of advanced tech for enhanced supply chain management. To reduce costs, minimise errors, and improve efficiency, talk to IoT sensors manufacturers and harness the power of next-generation asset tracking

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