Ways to Implement Document Automation in Law Firms


Law firms have various processes that don’t actually require the attention and time of attorneys or any staff. Law office automation is a method of using technology to complete such repetitive processes which is usually time-consuming. It can also eliminate human errors drastically. Law firms in the US should opt for Checkbox document automation software for lawyers USA to automate their work processes and get rid of redundancies.  The Checkbox automation platform in the USA can prove to be hugely helpful in a law firm.

Let’s take a look atsome of the ways document automaton can be implemented in law firms: 

  • Client Intake: This process sets the foundation for how to go about building a relationship with the client. First impressions count. Client intake can be a critical step where the case information of the client is collected and the clients would have the first direct touch point with the law firm.  For each case type, a standard set of information would be needed. For example, to handle a divorce case, the firm might need a specific set of information such as the client’s name, marriage date, spouse name, number of children, date of separation, name of the children, billing information and so on.

From the law firm’s perspective, the internal information required for the firm might be practice area, number of staff working on the case, billing method and responsible attorney. The firm can then easily automate the parts of the process by allowing the clients to provide their intake information online and syncing them seamlessly to the client intake or case management software.

  • Document automation: This is the fastest and easiest method of document creation. Unlike the tax preparation software programs, robotic document drafting tools work by presenting a set of questions in front of the users. The users have to fill in the necessary information. Responses are then automatically collected. This information can be inserted into a document template and can be submitted for approval. One of the best ways to take advantage of this tool can be to allow lawyers to handle the automation directly. As they are well-versed and aware of their subject of expertise, they can quickly get familiar with programs and templates. The lawyers who automate the documents can maintain the templates for the long run, without the need for making a call for IT specialists.
  • Client Communications: Automation may help in cutting down the time required for the processes such as document drafting, billing and individual client intake. However, it would not prevent personal client communication. With the intervention of newer modes of telecommunication, lawyers can still maintain their personal touch without wasting much time or money on preparing, editing and drafting documents manually.

Checkbox USA is a platform that can help law firms in automating the processes they handle regularly. Document automation software for lawyers offered by Checkbox in the USA, enables these legal experts to automate their expertise to their clients.

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