4 Ways to protect your software from piracy


Research has shown that over 40% of software installed on computers is not correctly licensed. That explains why the number of cyberattacks is alarmingly high. Hackers find it easy to do their dirty work. The cost of pirated software, which often contains malware and viruses, is high in terms of revenues and reputation.

Software piracy is non-discriminative; it affects individuals and companies on an equal measure. Thus your company must have anti-piracy protection systems on the software-based products.

The following are ways to help protect your software from piracy.

Host your software in the U.S or your home country

One of the ways of ensuring that you protect your software is to host it within the U.S. When you have your online manuals, software, and other aspects of your software hosted within the country; you’re safer.

You know better the environment you are operating in, and if you want to pursue legal action, you will be able to do it using the U.S jurisdiction.

Embed your software with evidence gathering technology

Include technology in your software, which will enable you to collect forensic evidence, supplement and cross-correlate collected data with web registration information.

Your accounts logins download records, trial version requests, and all that should be embedded in this technology. When you have advanced tamper detection technology, it sends a signal when your software is illegally used and will give details on who did it, location, how long, how many times.

Such information will help in tracking and will be leveraged to bring offenders back to compliance. In the worst-case scenario, it is the evidence you need in a legal proceeding.

Your policing efforts should be timely and serious.

Recovery from unauthorized use is only effective if it is timely. Some statutes will prevent you from recovery if some time has passed since the incident occurred.

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Here, you will be assumed to be “crying wolf” and could cost you credibility and money. Again, you must keep your word when it comes to software license protection. Avoid empty threats and stick to your word. That sends a warning to those who violate your rights and a caution to others.

Prioritize your efforts

When it comes to piracy, not all companies are the same. The competing interests and your resources will make some pirates more attractive to pursue than others.

For instance, you may not need to follow up on schools and other educational organizations that are harmless. Focus on companies that gain an unfair competitive advantage against the valued customer by pirating your software.

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Again, the company that has violated may not be aware, and a mere ‘caution’ may sort out the problem. Consider how risky the piracy is.

Pay much attention to a violation that has a significant risk to your business and go soft on piracies that are low risk.

Standing against piracy in your company will protect your valued customers, the brand’s reputation, and future success. Arming your software helps you set a reputation that your software is untouchable. This will impact, in a big way, the global piracy epidemic.

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